"The white bird in the birdcage that fell in love with the moonlight"
This is Aster's art blog, full of sketches and sometimes with personal thoughts. Enjoy your time!

Inktober 17 | 31

Alicia, an original character.

Inktober 16 | 31

Cammy from Street Fighter, after Chu Li i love playing with cammy!

Inktober 15 | 31

Etna from Disgaea

Inktober 14 | 31

Inktober 13 | 31


Inktober 12 | 31

Please forgive me it looks a bit off since it is my first attempt to draw Toothless.

Inktober 11 | 31

"Sancta Virgo ora pro nobis"

Inktober 10 | 31

Nia from Gurren Lagan

Inktober 9 | 31

Tried to do something to Kisara, a character from Chigatsu (personal project).

Inktober 8 | 31

Idea from my mother who loves her! c:

Inktober 7 | 31

Memento Mori - “Remember you will die.”

This time used my character Noir since i think the phrase fits to her in a few ways.

Inktober 6 | 31

Blind Justice from The Epic Zektbach

Inktober 5 | 31

An original character for my project in development called Sirius (an epic fantasy storyline). Her name for now is Etoile, and yes, there is an explanation for her name. She is part western and part asian.

Inktober 4 | 31

I had a deep reason for this but never mind i will leave it for your imagination.

Inktober 3 | 31

The Clock Rock Bar

Today i hadn’t time to properly work on a sketch, i had to help clean home and then at night got to a party theme in 50/60’s called The clock, so while i was in the said place did something so i won’t leave it in blank.

OvO such a nice place and a great time with a great friend Rin! ~~