tagged: #asterswan #art #devotia
tagged: #asterswan #art #devotia
Gifts and Happy Birthday messages

I have no words to express how much i am thankful for the happy birthdays i received and gifts, plus from people overseas that i keep in touch in the internet.

When I checked early my messages i saw nera-loka's gift art and it made me cry happily for the surprise (i didn't replied right away because wanted to properly thank you), then i went to have fun time with parents and a few friends who appeared here. As today i checked my tumblr as normal and then i reach to ichigolollipop art and i was again surprised and stood staring for a time then i got a message from madqueenmomo, asking if i saw something, innocently i sent a question back but then with 2 gift arts i quickly went to the blog to check and OH MY GO I WAS SURPRISED A THIRD TIME!!

mrspumpkinsart and pachisu sent me early and one of the first happy birthday messages!! Thanks so much my dears! Love you two!

You guys! Thanks so much I will find a way to thanks this cute and so nice gesture, and everyone who sent me messages i am also so thankful as the ones who sent me gifts! I will make sure to thanks everyone! It really gave me a breath and made me smile like a little child with a candy or a new toy!

Kisses and Hugs!